Best cam sites in the world

Web models with experience already have their “favorites” among webcams sites. In this article we will consider which cam sites are the most visited not only among them, but also among ordinary users.
Help us in this one more not bad site with analysis and statistics on the Internet – SimilarWeb – service for analysis of traffic sources of any web site.


It’s a ranking of the most popular adult cam resources around the world.

There is only one webcam site in the top ten. You can see the rating here.

In the top 50 most popular adult resources got only 5 webcam sites for web models:

  1. – 5 place (the most visited free sex chat in the World) – 358.98M visits per month.
  2. – 12 place – 297.48M visits per month.
  3. – 14 place – 278.54M visits per month.
  4. – 16 place (clone of – 158.12M visits per month.
  5. – 19 place – 129.75M visits per month.
  6. – 56 place – 56.88M visits per month.
  7. – 84 place – 39.29M visits per month.
  8. – 156 place – 23.87M visits per month.
  9. – 336 place – 15.82M visits per month.
  10. – 360 place – 11.78M visits per month.
  11. – 570 place – 8.82M visits per month.
  12. – 673 place – 5.34M visits per month.
  13. – 1266 place – 2.92M visits per month.

To make my selection bigger, I decided to include in the list those web sites that are not in the top 50 in the world. At that I manually checked their traffic and placed in descending order.

Please note that the rating is based on attendance, not on the money spent by users. This rating was formed in August 2020.